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It's a pass!

On the 21st November last year, on recommendation, I started driving lessons with Gwyn. I was nervous having not previously had much experience of driving within the UK. Gwyn immediately put me at ease with his friendly, easy going nature. I felt my confidence growing from my very first lesson with Gwyn’s professional guidance. I passed first time and have no doubt this was down to Gwyn’s skills as a driving instructor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gwyn to anyone looking for an outstanding driving instructor.


Catty from Anglesey 

Amazing instructor! Was so accommodating and never complained if I had to change the pick up location. Very friendly and didn’t make a big deal if I made a mistake, instead we spoke about how I could improve for next time. Was calm and didn’t stress during the lessons which really helped with my confidence. Would definitely recommend Gwyn as an instructor! 

First time pass 😀


Shauna Anglesey 

I passed my test back in January with Parrys Driving school with only 1 driving minor. Gwyn was a brilliant driving instructor through out all my lessons. He was able to adjust his learning method to suit my driving ability, which allowed me to become a confident driver. Futhermore Gwyn is a very pateint and laid back instructor.


Harvey from Llangefni 

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